Sympathy flowers with white freesia: You can find more options in our range of Sympathy Cards. Our easel designs are the perfect way to send your deepest condolences no matter what the season. Just add your heartfelt words and we’ll adorn your gift with a respectful corsage of red spray roses and deliver it to their door in their time of grief. ‘Sending our deepest sympathies’ and the poem will be printed on the card with your personal message: “May it make your sorrow Easier for you to bear, Knowing there are others Who understand and care.” You can find more options in our range of Sympathy Cards. Looking for a gift to reflect just how much their kindness meant? This stunning arrangement boasts all our prettiest pink blooms, artfully contained in an L Shaped card. Team your own words of gratitude with our sweet poem to leave them in no doubt! Card features text ‘With thanks’ and the poem: “Thank you much more Than a greeting can say, Because you were thoughtful In such a nice way!” To find your favourites, view our full range of Thank You Flowers. Show someone they’re in your thoughts with this elegant floral arrangement. Featuring an array of delicate white flowers, this card is a sensitive way to send your condolences.

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